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Ananda Bhairavi, en av Sveriges ledande kvinnliga sitarspelare och likväl en av Sveriges skickligaste sångerska inom klassisk hindustani sång. Hon bor sedan ett år tillbaka i Himalya. Här kommer en text av henne om hennes liv och tankar kring musik och dans.

Obs våra gästbloggare representerar sig själv, inte DADA som i sig är religiöst och politiskt obunden förening.


I am… in love with the mountains! I am… intoxicated by the fragrance of the roses. I am… enchanted by the mysterious melody of the river. I am… spellbound by the magical colours of the sky. I am… enlightened by the golden light of the Sun. I am… thrilled by the lightning flash on the sky. I am… amazed by the colourful traditions of different cultures. I am… in love with You, Me, Everything and All. From where does this attraction to beauty come? Why do we get over whelmed by immense joy   when getting a glimpse of a rainbow? Why do we feel blissful watching the golden sunset? How come we feel fulfilled gazing out from the highest peak of a mountain? The reason is that all beauty in sound, rhythm, and form reminds us from where we all once came from. It reminds us of Who we really are; Perfect, Complete, Fulfilled, Beautiful and Blissful – just like the complex ecosystem in a forest is perfectly beautiful and complete in itself.


How can a musical melody bring us to tears? It is the soul that is shedding those tears, when getting reminded of that world of beauty and light. We have been suffering the ups and downs of life for so many life-cycles – chasing name, fame and wealth. People are confused, not knowing who they really are.


NOW it is the time to ask “Who Am I?” and “Why Am I here?” Existence is a silent, motionless and eternal life. This is what the Hindus call Tattva in Sanskrit, or the Sufis call Zat in Persian. It is the Ultimate Existence, which was the Everythingness and Nothingness existing before the creation. From that Formless Space was the world created, by the Will of God. A movement was created, which created another movement; like the waves on the sea creates more waves. Creation is that motion, which with time merges back into the Eternal sea of Bliss. The vibrations became grosser creating Sound. The Bible too mentioned that “First was the word, and that word was God”. The Vedas refers to that sound as “Aum” – the Eternal Sound of Creation.


“A” stands for the aspect of Creation, which is pictured as Lord Brahma; “U” is the Sustaining force, which makes the world spin round and round, and which is pictured as Lord Vishnu; “M” is the destruction of the world, which is pictured as Lord Shiva doing the TanDav dance, holding the Damaru drum which symbolizes the Rhythm of Creation.


Increase in the activity of vibrations, caused high speed collision of atoms, creating further subjects as various gas forms, colours and finally solid materia. We are too formed of those vibrations. We live and move in them. They are surrounding us as the fish is surrounded by water, and we contain them like the pot contains water. Our emotions, thoughts, successes and failures in life all depend upon a certain activity of vibrations. The Hindu Law of Karma teaches that whatever we do, good or bad, will have a result that we have to suffer, or enjoy. It can be translated with Sir Isaac Newton’s third Law of Motion, which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Buddha too knew when stating that “You are what you think”. The grosser vibrations are perceived by the eyes, finer vibrations are perceived by the mind, and the finest vibrations are imperceptible only to the soul. The soul itself is formed of these vibrations. Consciousness is nothing but the silent life itself. Activity in the consciousness is the beginning of creation. Hence, it is the active part of the consciousness itself which turns into sound, rhythm and form. Therefore people from all cultures are attracted to music, as it is a part of ourselves, just like fire is hidden in flint. If you hit any solid form it will answer back “I am sound”. The profound Yogi or ascet Kaulantak Nath Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj often mentions in his many speeches about the importance of the practice of Music and Mantra to refine our personality and to reach a higher consciousness.


Certain deep sounds especially those used in the mantras of Kaulantak tradition of Himalaya, slows down the activity of the consciousness in such a degree that the breathing and heartbeat decreases its pace, and the thought-process decreases too until there only remains silence. In that silence there is no movement of thoughts, hence no creation, solely All-pervading Peace which is the nature of the silent life. It is our innermost Essence, the base foundation of the whole Universe. It is the purest state of consciousness that the Yogi searches and ultimately finds through the practice of Yoga and Meditation. After that insight the Yogi can move freely in the world, enjoying its beauty, but without suffering the ups and downs of life, as he knows Who he is. Saint Shankaracharya explained this Self as “Satchidanandoham Shivoham Shivoham”; “I am that Absolute Truth, Pure Consciousness and Supreme Bliss called Shiva”. That Pure Self, which is not limited by time, space, age, gender, nationality, education, wealth, tradition, religion, social identity or such. That Self which is not bound only to this body, but pervades the whole world, reaching over the horizon of the universe. Jesus too knew when he said “the Kingdom of Heavens is inside your heart”. It is our True “I”, which we have forgot with time in this world of activity. Due to this ignorance people kill for lands, not knowing that in truth we all are United in One Existence or “Paramatma” in Sanskrit. That is the secret behind the mantra “Tat Tvam Asi” or “You are That” taught by the Upanishads. The Meaning of Life is to re-discover Who we are. It is the “Leela” mentioned in Bhagavad Geeta or the Play of God; to experience the bitter taste of Separation, the burning fire of longing, and the blissful Union of Soul and God, or Lover and Beloved.


No happiness on earth is ever-lasting. It is temporary as everything existing has a beginning and so also an end. People search for happiness through the enjoyment of material things, but forgets that real happiness comes from inside, when we are connected with our True Self. It is the only ever-lasting joy existing, as it has no beginning nor end. The mineral, bacteria, plant, animal; what we see around us, including our body, thoughts and emotions, and our success and failure, all are arisen from the same Existence, but taken different forms due to different degrees of vibration. The whole creation dance in the rhythm of that music. The trees wave their branches in rhythm of the wind; the waves on the ocean; the dance of the planets around the sun; the continuous rhythm of day and night; the change of the seasons; the pulse of the heartbeat. All is an expression of that Divine Music, created for the pleasure of Lord Shiva.


Hence, keep on singing and dancing! Connect with the Divine in yourself. Make your heart light, sing out loud what you feel, think and believe in. Dance until there is no dancer, only one whole existence of bliss. Share your music with others. Share with them the peace of soul you are experiencing when merged in the rhythm of the drums. There is no greater gift to humanity. There is no greater medicine for any illness. No greater way of understanding who we are, and what this existence is all about. Spread your wings and fly high, your talents are uncountable, nothing is impossible. Life is a challenge, be brave. Don’t lose any opportunity, take every chance to create art in your life, and to spread the colours of your being to others. I am Existence, I am Love, Shivoham, Shivoham..


All glories to the Universal Loving Mother, the Power of Creation and Beauty!


All glories to the Omnipresent Almighty Shiva!

ananda sitar 2012




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